Asshole on Patrol


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  3. airshipacademy said: The bottom right looks hella twirly. Go with that one.
  4. iknitthefuture said: I say blue or flowers Depends…where r u going? Or just a regular day?
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  7. inklesspen said: blue or floral!
  8. breadfaculty said: lolz one of these is mine
  9. quesaritos said: blue or black!! depends on the event though
  10. tamagaytchi said: I LIKE THE LAST TWO A LOT OMG
  11. the-sunshine-in-the-dark said: Depends on the occasion but In general blue or black look best. But you look good in all of them :)
  12. kitten-burrito said: OHHh wow I say the blue or black.
  13. rory-motherfucking-williams said: Black one.
  14. missmeowzers said: I like the floral print one!
  15. just---jenn said: blue, omfg it looks so damn good on you, and with your beautiful dark hair. damn
  16. dogda said: if you’re going for super-fancy i vote 1 but if it’s just “it’s a nice summery day for dressing up” then i’d say 4
  17. zooeyxglass said: either of the bottom two
  18. minnieandnoir said: blaaaaack one
  19. blackbearthoughts said: First and third (Blue and Black). Both are pretty striking! :3
  20. ienjoyowls said: YELLOW FLOWERS
  21. feministcaptainkirk said: I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE the 4th one. I’d do nothing but spin around all day
  22. spoonyghosts said: the black one!